Norman Lindsay Facsimile Etching - The Apex of Life

37.8 x 30.1 cm
Published: 2011
Reference: Norman Lindsay Etchings: Catalogue Raisonné (Odana Editions and Josef Lebovic Gallery, 2006, cat.239)

The original etching was etched in 1923 in an edition of 55. It was one of three etchings which was banned from being exhibited at Artists' Week in Adelaide in 1924. The committee rejected the etchings on the grounds that they would 'debase rather than uplift art':
... we could not allow the showing of pictures of the kind rejected because of the immoral and sensual atmosphere which would be provided by them. The gestures of the figures of men and women in the nude would be offensive to many, and in regard to one picture it might be said that it represented a wild licentious riot of the worst Pagan times.
The other two etchings were The Festival and The Funeral March of Don Juan.