Norman Limited Edition Painting Prints - City of Joy


$385 + Postage


60.3 x 52.4 cm
Published: 1999
Edition: 600
Original medium: Watercolour
Reference: Norman Lindsay: Watercolours 1897–1969 (Odana Editions, 2003, p.80)

City of Joy is testament to Lindsay's mastery of the luminous wash technique which he had learnt from Blamire Young when working in his lithographic studio at the age of nineteen. During the 1920s Norman Lindsay's watercolour technique and imaginary vision in the medium reached its zenith. This was his finest period for watercolour painting and City of Joy, painted in 1923, is a masterpiece of the era. The ethereal quality of the painting is enhanced by the subtle yet radiant flesh tones of the nudes contrasting with the rich brocades and delicate gowns of the costumed figures.