Norman Limited Edition Painting Prints - Langour


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59.4 x 49.7 cm
Published: 1997
Edition: 600
Original medium: Oil painting
Reference: Norman Lindsay: Oil Paintings 1889–1969 (Odana Editions, 2006, p.78)

Languor (alternatively titled The Pink Drape) was one of the first oils Norman painted at the Bridge Street studio in 1934 and is an outstanding example of the technical mastery Norman achieved in the medium during the 1930s.
The languid pose of the model and the opulence of the couch covering combine to convey the tenderness of mood and feeling conveyed by the title Languor.
It is one of the paintings Norman chose for reproduction (in black and white) in Paintings in Oil: Norman Lindsay (The Shepherd Press, Sydney, 1945, plate 21). The Limited Edition Languor is the exact size of the original painting, which has never been offered for sale.